Outdoor Education

After years of teaching photography and documentary storytelling throughout the world, one topic has been covered more that any other: NATURE.  Whether students live in dense cities or rural towns, they LOVE exploring outside and making stories about the natural things they find. 


Because of this, World Story Exchange is proud to offer a series of workshops for youth and adults engaging the outdoors in practical and fun ways.  Our workshops and camps are held on a beautiful piece of land in Norwich, Vermont, including forest, pond and field environments.

Our primary instructor is Scott, an Eagle Scout, skilled outdoor enthusiast, and certified in Wilderness First Aid.  Lindsay supports the projects and is a certified Wilderness First Responder.  Both Scott and Lindsay have spent countless nights under canvas and rely on their advanced outdoor skills as they homestead in Vermont through the summer months.

Current Offerings Summer 2021


Outdoor Skills and Exploration

Norwich, Vermont

This workshop series for kids 9-13 meets every Monday (7/5 - 8/23) for 2 hours and teaches outdoor skills and respect for nature.  Students learn a series of skills and tools to develop the confidence and comfort to explore the outdoors.  Students also learn how nature works by doing basic scientific identification of plants, animals and ecological systems.  Above all we help kids develop an ethic of respecting nature and finding peace in the beauty of natural places.


Knots and Ratchet Straps

Norwich, Vermont

This 2-hour workshop for adults teaches how to use knots and ratchet straps correctly for practical purposes.  We practice these skills by securing a kayak to a car, hanging a hammock between trees, and securing tent lines.  

Students will learn square knot, bowline, taught-line hitch, double half-hitch, and how to set up and use ratchet straps.



Shelter Building

Norwich, Vermont


This workshop is customizable for groups who are interested in learning how to build a shelter for wilderness survival - or for having fun in the backyard!  Students learn tree species identification to select saplings, then choose a site, and design the shelter.  Next we learn to safely use a bowsaw, hatchet and pocket knife to prepare the wood.  Students then learn how to tie lashings to construct the shelter, and how to use pine boughs for weather resistance and insulation.


UV Haven Summer Camp

Norwich, Vermont

Our partnership with the Upper Valley Haven Summer Camp has evolved over the years to include a significant amount of time spent outside in the summer months.  We teach students how to enjoy their time outside while respecting the environment.  This camp includes photography, swimming and observation walks around the ponds.