Outdoor Education Projects

After years of teaching photography and documentary storytelling, all over the world, with kids of all ages, one topic is clearly prominent: NATURE.  Whether kids live in dense cities or rural towns, the LOVE exploring  and making stories about nature.  

Our primary instructor for these projects is Scott, who is an Eagle Scout and certified in Wilderness First Aid.  Lindsay supports the projects and is a certified Wilderness First Responder.  Both Scott and Lindsay have spent countless nights under canvas and rely on their advanced outdoor skills as they homestead in Vermont through the summer months.


What Does Nature Mean to Me?

Hartford, Vermont

Biology students at Hartford High were invited to feel the expansiveness and wonder of nature through a series of field trips, including Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park.  The students created a series of photographic stories answering the question "What Does Nature Mean To Me?”


Shelter Building

Norwich, Vermont


This one-day workshop is part of the longer Outdoor Skills and Exploration curriculum.


Hartford Parks and Recreation

Hartford, Vermont

Outdoor nature explorations for youth via Hartford Parks and Recreation Department.


UV Haven Summer Camp

Norwich, Vermont

Our partnership with the Upper Valley Haven Summer Camp has evolved over the years to include a significant amount of time spent outside in the summer months.  We teach students how to enjoy their time outside while respecting the environment.  This camp includes photography, swimming and observation walks around the ponds.


Knots and Ratchet Straps

Norwich, Vermont

Bowline, square, taut-line hitch - and the most useful one of all - the ratchet strap. 


Outdoor Skills and Exploration

Norwich, Vermont

This six-session workshop is the core of our outdoor teaching.  We offering the workshop in partnership with Norwich Recreation Department.


Creative Lives 

Hartford, Vermont

Outdoor Nature Explorations for youth in Creative Lives & the former Creative Lives After-school Program.

Norwich, Vermont, USA

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