Documentary Storytelling Projects

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Open Fields Films

Thetford, Vermont

These seven films are the result of an interdisciplinary sense-of-place project. Using information from the 1900 census records and other primary sources, each of our students researched aspects of daily life for a student living in Thetford, Vermont at the turn of the previous century. Our students created historically viable accounts of the lives of their 1900s counterparts, paying particular attention to the use of natural resources. Each film is narrated from the perspective of those historical characters.


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Our Lives In The Gambia

Salikenni, The Gambia

This workshop invited students from Salikenni's Upper Basic School to create documentary stories. Students learned basic photo and video skills, then signed out cameras to document self-determined values such as school, home, food, family, work, play, religion, and their hopes for the future. Next they wrote and recorded narrations, and finally worked with WSE instructors to edit their stories. 


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Norwich, Vermont, USA

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