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Art Projects and Installations

In addition to documentary storytelling, World Story Exchange designs and implements art projects including photography, drawing, painting, tile, and papier mache.  Some of these projects yield large-scale artworks and are called "legacy projects" because entire classes of students participate and get their work installed in their school to be enjoyed for years to come.



Art of Photography

Richmond, CA, USA

This "legacy project" with the sixth grade class at Downer Elemetary (75-80 students) has been underway for three years now.  The project begins with students learning camera techniques and artistic "ways of seeing".  Then we explore the school grounds in search of interesting angles, light, colors, paterns, shadows, reflections and of course insects!  Students then write a reflection or poem about one of their photos.  Photos are printed 8x10 and hung in the hallways accompanied by the writing.  Finally, three photos from each class are chosen to be printed large-scale and permanently installed in the school foyer.

Papier Mache Globes

Pomfret, VT, USA

In collabration with Artistree, this project included the cultural education of a World Story Exchange screening, a discussion of cultural differences and human similarities, and then the manual art of creating globes using papier mache and painting them with help from a satallite image of the earth.  

Nature Tiles

Richmond, CA, USA

This project begins with all the 5th grade students learning about their 5 senses and making observations of natural phenomena around their school.  Then they make a field sketch of one natural phenomena, such as a flower or a plant.  Next, students return to the classroom with their sketch and make a detailled color drawing the same size as a small tile.  Finally, students use paint and special droppers to transfer their color drawing onto a 4"x4" tile.  The tiles are fired, and will be installed in the school.

Art Box

Vermont, Cambodia, Indonesia

Drawings, paintings, small sculptures, and hand-written notes were made by elementary students at Lincoln Community School in Vermont.  The collection of art was packed into two boxes and sent to groups of students in Cambodia and Indonesia.   Those students participated in creative arts workshops to make art in response and send it back to Vermont.

Peace and Kindness

Richmond, CA, USA

Some of the youngest students we have worked with were first graders from E.M.Downer Elementary School in Richmond, CA.  This project included an exploration of what "Peace and Kindness" means to the kids, and including drawing, making paper flowers, and culminated in the creation of a giant peace sign made out of paper flowers.  Scott hung the peace sign in the school foyer for all to enjoy.

Community Map Making

Norwich, VT and Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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Scott installs two legacy art projects at E.M. Downer Elementary School in Richmond, CA.  The first is a large peace sign made from paper flowers by the first grade class; the second is a series of large photographs made by the sixth grade classes from the past three years.

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