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Camps with World Story Exchange offer youth creative ways to engage with the outdoors in fun and practical ways.  This is our 10th year of summer camps in the Upper Valley, and 5th year hosting camps on 30+ acres home to forests, ponds and many plants and animals in Norwich, Vermont.  


Instructor Scott is an Eagle Scout, skilled outdoor enthusiast, and certified in Wilderness First Aid.  Instructor Lindsay is a certified Wilderness First Responder, naturalist, and educator, and also manages the registrations.  Local partners include: Marion Cross School, Bernice Ray Elementary, Open Fields School, Albert Bridge School, Norwich Recreation Dept, Justin Morrill Homestead, Norwich Historical Society, Hanover Historical Society, Lebanon Middle School, Latham Library, HACTC, Hartford High School, VINS, SOAK, Artistree and many more. 


Week of June 26th
Outdoor Skills and Exploration Camp
Ages 7-12

Mon - Fri, June 26 - June 30
9am - Noon

Location: 25 New Boston Rd, Norwich, VT

Campers will learn basic skills to develop the confidence and comfort to explore outdoors.  Skills include how to use rope for knots and lashings and make a survival shelter with items from the forest.  

Along with practical skills, students will learn to employ their senses while outside. Campers will learn how nature works by doing basic scientific observations of three ecological systems: forest, field and pond.

Email Lindsay for scholarship information:


Week of July 17th
Photography Camp
Ages 8-14

Mon - Fri, July 17 - 21
9am - Noon

Location: Justin Morrill Homestead,
South Strafford, VT

Learning photography is a great way for young people to explore the outdoors and become immersed in the beauty of nature.


World Story Exchange teacher Scott McClure Miller has taught photography to children in 11 countries for the past decade.  Join Scott this summer on the lovely grounds of the Morrill Homestead.  


Each day will be a fun mixture of learning and practicing new skills while enjoying the outdoors.  The week will culminate with a photo exhibit of campers’ work in the Strafford Post Office. Cameras are provided.


Week of July 3rd
Ages 7-12, Sign up for one workshop or both

One-day Photography Workshop
Mon, July 3, 9am - Noon

Three-day Painting Workshop
Wed- Fri, July 5 - 7, 9am - Noon

Location: 25 New Boston Rd, Norwich, VT

Photography Workshop:

Come explore different environments - woods, fields and ponds.  Then learn to creatively use a camera to document your findings. Cameras provided. 

Painting Workshop: 

Come learn the mediums of acrylic and watercolor painting.  Lessons take place outside, immersed in nature.  We will learn to paint on paper and clothing.  All materials provided - except please bring your own clothes that you want to paint (stained clothes a-ok!)

Email Lindsay for scholarship information:


Private Workshops or Classes

For all ages, Norwich, VT

Everyone's interests and schedules are different! We are happy to develop and host small group workshops or retreats for youth, families, adults, camps or local organizations.  Programming could be held on our land in Norwich, VT or at a location of your choice. 


We also work one-on-one with youth or adults to explore a particular theme including photography, outdoor education creativity, art or homesteading. 

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