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Two projects in Cambodia

After Vietnam, we adventured to Cambodia.

Photo-story on "Trash and Beauty," by: Sreykea

We are grateful for the friendly welcome from LUC, the many field trips and for the meals filled with so much laughter. Onward, Scott and Lindsay traveled north to the farming outskirts of Phnom Penh to be greeted by our next hosts at Liger Learning Center.

While at Liger Learning Center we worked with a group of students ages 11-13, who had recently become fluent in English and were able to apply their outstanding technical skills to the WSE documentary mixed-media workshop. For this particular project, 10 boarding-students spent two days/nights each with a day-student, traveling to and from school to live and document "a day in the life" of their peer. In addition, two day-students had the opportunity to tell the story of a day in their own life.

"A Day in the Life of Sophat", a story created by: Somphors

"A Day in the Life of Myself", a story created by: Venghour (himself)

Thank you to our students and partners in Cambodia, we were inspired by each of you. Until we meet again...

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