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A Journey from Vermont to California

Last summer, when Scott and I were discussing where to bring World Story Exchange next, we both felt the urge to make a big circle through the United States, into Mexico and back up through the United States. We started the adventure by exploring the states between Vermont and California, then teaching along the California coast.

Early on in our relationship we fell head over heals for "tiny home" living, both mobile and stationary. For our trip across the county, we decided to seek out a slide-in truck camper for Scott's Toyota T100. Thanks to craigslist, we found a our new home for sale in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our friend's Tim and Drew Webb scouted it for us, and we made a down payment.

In September, we packed up our mobile media classroom, living necessities and sporting equipment into our truck and took the northern route from Vermont into Ontario, Canada to Milwaukee, WI. We slept in our tent and ate breakfasts at local diners along the way. We met new friends at Northern Bay, and found peace and tranquility with the massive rocks and clear waters of Georgian Bay. The most exciting, yet dreaded day of our cross country trip happened while in Canada: running out of gas, then later at dusk, getting a flat tire while on a Rt 17 a fast-moving single-lane highway. Both incidences, Scott flew into actions, first riding the motorbike into town to buy gas, then later changing the tire without hesitation as log trucks flew by.

Upon leaving Canada, we were welcomed by the enormous sand dunes of Northern Michigan and made our way to Milwaukee. The Webb family greeted us with a lil' Dylan and their two mastiffs Honeybear and Grizzlebear. We picked up our truck camper the next morning and loaded her on.

Off on the road we went, thru Wisconsin and Minnesota, then into Iowa, where we found the tastiest Mexican food in Postville, IA, of all places! We tried to visit the Laura Ingalls museum but it was closed (tear). Next our journey took us to South Dakota, where we decided to cross the Missouri River south of the main Rt.90 crossing. Boy, oh boy was it windy! We camp on the hillside next to the river with the wind whipping against our lil' camper. This route led us to the southern entrance of Badlands- what a sight! Drip-castle mountains in large form with wild animals roaming and prairie dogs burrowing along the plateau. We camped that evening on a dirt road surrounded by cows and a 180 degree spectacle of the Badland mountains. The next morning we took our first (freezing) outdoor shower.

Tastiest Mexican food ever - in Iowa.

Amazing drip-castle mountains of the Badlands, South Dakota, and the beautiful red rock canyons of southern Utah.

Cooking breakfast in our tiny home and grilling dinner beside the fire (right).

Lindsay takes to the stage.

Scott photographs panoramas of the USA.

Epic full-moon christmas in the desert.

Our various outdoor offices (below).

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