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Peace Flowers, Tile Arts and Photography

E.M. Downer Elementary School in Richmond, CA, has been hosting World Story Exchange for several years now. We typically are in residence for 4-6 weeks to facilitate a variety of art projects with multiple grades. Last year, all the first graders participated in the "Peace Flowers" project, which resulted in a 12' peace sign adorned with colorful paper flowers made by the children. The peace sign hangs in the front foyer.

Below, Scott installs the 12' peace sign made from paper flowers and PVC tubing.

We also led the entire 5th-grade class through a new type of project involving exploring nature, drawing, and ultimately painting a 5" tile. The tiles will be installed at the school.

Our annual photography project with the 6th-grade class yielded some beautiful photographs this year. In addition to our typical project, this year we chose 3 photos from the past 3 years of work for large-scale printing and permanent exhibition in the school foyer.

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